Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ipad Trouble

Searching carefully for an Ipad… Mum stood in my way.
“Where are you going to?” she questioned
“To your room” I answered tippy toeing into mum's bedroom. I snatched the Ipad and did the password... my sister crept up behind me …
“BOO!” she yelled.
I jumped letting the Ipad out of my hands and then… Ccrraaccckkkk! It screeched. “UH OH!”

“oh crud”

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July holidays

I marched towards the Botanical Gardens playground with Jonah right beside me. “Race ya” he announced as he took off. We arrived at the trampolines and asked the kids that were already on them “May we have a go”. After arguing they sighed angrily “Ok fine... one go” one boy answered. I lined it up… ran and leaped onto the first tramp, onto the next and then… I flipped off onto the plastic grass. “Ohh” the boy shouted. He then told Jonah to do a backflip. “Ok” he answered and launched himself backward rotating as he went. Puffing heavily we walked away, letting them have a go. We told Salem what had happened. She laughed softly and commented. We stomped back, angry at Salem’s words.“They're here again” said the first boy. We were surprised that he spoke to us. “I want to photocopy them” said the next boy. “Nah, they should be in the movies” laughed the last one. Jo and I laughed and did more and more amazing tricks until we got tired. They wandered away leaving the tramps to us to play on. Salem joined in too. Salem then challenged us for an Ice Cream. Zeke, Jo and I all did it but then Salem chose to say. “If I do it three times in a row you all don't get an Ice Cream” “Ok” we agreed. Salem failed the first time. Jo got an Ice Cream. She managed it the second time so I missed out on the Ice cream. Salem missed the last time and Zeke got the prize. An ice cream! “Ahh man” I complained feeling sad. Jo then tried to show Melea the trick. “OW” Jo screamed as he twisted his ankle, “Time to go home” Salem announced. Salem carried Jonah so we arrived home and ate some dark Chocolate Fudge “Yum!” we yelled.